Trying To Save Your Relationship

Multiple times I have tried to salvage my relationship. Every time I would think that everything is okay, it would just get worse.

You know what I mean:

  • The nagging
  • Financial stress
  • Lack of sex
  • Arguing
  • Fighting over the roles in the household.
  • Picking Fights of the littlest things.

If you have been reading my blog you know that these are just a few things that happens when your wife is a real bit#%!

Well one of my readers who liked and also disliked my blog told me that he was able to get back together with his wife and make things work out.  I was taken back because if this guy’s wife is a real bitch, how and why would he get back with her? How could he make things work out or was he just hanging on.

In his email, he told me that he went to marriage counseling that cost him thousands of dollars. The counseling didn’t help at all. He wanted to go, but she didn’t. We know how that goes when a woman goes shopping.

So he old me about an online course that he took called Save My Marriage.

After going over the course, which is not information overload, he said that he started to implement what he learned.

To sum it up, you can learn the same too.

There is a helpful video on the page as well.

Check it out!!

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13 thoughts on “Trying To Save Your Relationship

  1. Steve

    Take the class and implement what you have learned. I always applaud people that don’t quit. If that doesn’t improve the relationship, ask yourself these questions: why am I here? If kids, work it until you on the edge. If no kids get the fuck out. Either way if all else fails you give her an ultimatum: stop being mean or you are gone. Come on dude if you don’t have kids with her why stay? Millions of women have the same or better qualities than her that won’t make you depressed. You set the new rules and if not met haul ass.

  2. AvoidtheEye

    Is this shit some kind of spam? Click the link and it’ll take you to some bullshit you have to pay for. Screw that.

  3. Sambo

    Hi folks. Totally new to this site. Just got into work after having my nagging bitch of a wife go at me all morning for using a tissue instead of a napkin to clean my son’s mouth. Are you fucking kidding me?? I am there feeding my son breakfast while I am late for work (while she is there sipping her coffee) and she has the fucking nerve to start bitching about the way I do it. And that is just one example. This kind of thing goes on constantly and I am fed up . Came into work so pissed. Typed in “my wife is a nagging bitch” into google to vent my frustration and came across this site. Thank god….as I see I am not alone.

    To be honest, I half blame myself. I saw the signs of bitchiness over 5 years ago when we were first dating. And even when we were getting married, I felt deep down, this was not the right woman. Our personalities are just too different. I am a happy go lucky kind of guy that likes to joke around alot and she is as serious as they get. Unfortunately I got kind sucked into the whole process while I should have just ended the misery right there. Not that we haven’t have good times, but have seen over the years that she is selfish. If she can’t have a good time, then she does not want me to. Selfish bitch.

    The problem is that she bitches about everything I do that is not done her way. Most of the times I suck it up as that is the easiest way to shut her up and can’t deal with the nagging and arguing, but every so often it builds up and I lose it and we have some huge fights. She is one of these people that just cannot be wrong. And when I actually prove her wrong with clear fact, she changes the argument to some bullshit like “why am I swearing at her and how could I say these things to my wife”. Why am I swearing at you??? Because you are fucking bitch that nags so much I explode…and you deserve every bit of it….that’s why. Be thankful I am not one of those guys that beats women.

    Honestly, if I did not have two young kids, divorce would be onthe cards for sure. Unfortunately, I love my kids so much and want them to have a normal family. Most of the time, things are good. But the bitchiness is always there just lurking and waiting to pounce.

    Anyway, that’s it for now. Just needed t vent to someone. Hope you are better than me today.

  4. My Wife Is A Bitch Post author

    Yeah. I am trying to make a buck or two on this site. The ads are not spam. Spam is unwanted like my wife.

    Keep on reading guys. I appreciate it. Hope this helps you all get all your frustrations out.

  5. Bman

    Hey T!
    Thanks for the site.
    You rock, Dude!
    I hope the income helps out. Do you get paid per click, or do I have to subscribe before you get a %?
    I’ll click on stuff, no problem.

    Love the name! My wife also changes the argument if it does not go her way. She has stopped going after me because I figured out how to poke holes in her flawed logic. Keep at it, and good luck.

  6. My Wife Is A Bitch Post author

    Not pay per click. I get a commission if someone buys a product. I’m not sure google pay per click would like this site. I should try it.
    I’m glad you guys like this site.

    My life was hell for years. My ex is Spanish so she has a major temper. I still have to deal with her becasue we have two kids and she still makes my life hell.

    Whatever you do…keep your checking accounts separate. That is my best advice.

    Thanks guys.


  7. T-Nutz

    My wife gets super annoyed if she has to do ANYTHING other than park her fat ass on the couch and watch brainless reality TV. Has to go to work? Bitches about it. Has to pick up something at the store? Bitches. Has to make a phone call? Bitches. If I ever need her to do me a favor I never hear the end of it, because her life is soooo fucking haaaard. I don’t know how she ever survived before she met me. I don’t know how she fed herself… She must have just sat on the couch and waited for a piece of fruit to roll by or something. Sloth and laziness is one thing, but when you mix wanton BITCHINESS into the picture it’s just about the unsexiest thing in the world. My wife is a cute blonde with big tits and I don’t really care one way or another whether I ever fuck her or not. Mostly I just want things to go her way all the time so she’ll keep her fucking mouth shut and stop breaking my balls for a few minutes.

  8. Bman

    Funny post dude!
    I like the “waiting for a piece of fruit to roll by”
    Good stuff.
    What about earbuds and louder volume on the iPod? You could just pretend that she has no voice.

  9. Why

    So, my wife is lazy refuses sex, requires me to work 5 days a week to make 100k plus and I am the bad guy. Not sure why, but she works 2 days a week, puts out once in six or seven months if I am lucky. What are you guys bitching about? Oh, and I am supposed to take my kid to school, ensure that homework is done and entertain them so wife is not bothered. Go figure… if I divorce of course she gets it all and more.. why?

  10. Bman

    Hi Why!
    Sounds like a wife. Honestly, I don’t see why marriage is necessary anymore. Especially when your partner won’t pull her weight, or participate in the marriage.
    They just become noisy, bitchy shackles that suck your moola away while bitching about why they can’t have more moola and time spent with their fugly friends.

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