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My wife is a FAT bitch

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I had to laugh my ass off tonight. I was happy that there were other blogs out there where guys were complaing about thier wives. I came across the blog I married a fat bitch.

I was reading this poor guys blog on how his wife can lose some weight. Here’s a quote from his blog.

I told my wife that it was time for her to take action, so one day she got up off her a..s and asked me what she should do to lose weight. I said


My wife just got out there and started doing stuff to get her back in shape. She took the simple way! Listen ladies, it doesn’t have to be an overly complicated.

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Child Support

It’s total bullshit. Why should a man have to pay child support? A woman has the right to choose weither or not she wants a child, shouldn’t a man have a right to choose if he wants to support that child.

Men have no rights when it comes to child custody and child support. There are websites out there for the worst ch

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ild support offenders but there are no websites out there for women who are the biggest bitches.

Still, a woman can choose whether or not she wants to keep a baby or terminate it. If women have the right to choose men should have the right to choose. It’s our wallets.

It would be nice if our government would wake up and either

  • Award more custody to Fathers
  • Give men more choices
  • Give men more health-care and assistance.

If you are a woman with a child you can afford not to work. Your insurance is paid, you get money and your food is paid.

When will men get their rights?

If your wife is a bitch and she’s ready to divorce your ass or if you are just pissed off at your wife because she is a bitch feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

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