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The Last Straw – My Wife Is A Bitch

Today, I left my wife. I told her off today. I told her that I can’t take it anymore. I’m sure that we’ll get back together but for now, I’m enjoying myself. I’m drinking beer and blogging.

She wanted to know why I wanted to leave her. I told her the truth. I told her that…

  • you are a bitch
  • You complain constantly
  • You don’t do a thing when you come home from work
  • You ALWAYS get in the way of my job or work
  • You hate it when I go out
  • You won’t pick me up if I’m too drunk to drive
  • You never have sex with me
  • You never go down on me.
  • You ALWAYS run your mouth
  • You NEVER shut up.
  • You expect too much from me
    Cold Beer
    Image by silverfuture via Flickr
  • YOU never shut up
  • you never shut up
  • you never shut the FUCK up.

Is that enough arguement. I’m sure that she’ll coax me to come back to her. I’m sure that she’ll give me a BJ. But that will be the last hummer I get until we break up again.

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