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Just do one thing

My wife had a family emergency last week. So, she was in Florida for a week. I held down the fort for a while with my son and I.

When my wife comes back from Florida, I make things easier for her by doing some stuff around the house. I cooked, I cleaned, I pampered her.

Pile of Laundry

Pile of Laundry

Well yesterday (Sunday) I asked her to do one simple thing for me. I asked her to go around the house and find my son’s school clothes because I’m having trouble finding them. She says “Ok honey. I’ll look for them.”

Well it’s Monday (Columbus Day) and my son’s school clothes are nowhere to be found.

I asked her to just do one thing. That was it. Simple. Now there is school tomorrow for my son and I have a pile of clothes to wash but none of his school clothes are in the laundry.

WTF?? Can you just do one thing?  I haven’t asked you do anything for a while and when I ask for a simple task, you can’t do it.

Yesterday, I cleaned, cooked, and took care of everything while my wife sat on her ass and played games on Facebook all day.

Pretty annoying and unfair.

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