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Every Time We Move We Go Backwards

When my wife moved I to New York City in 2002. It was a total loss of money, time and life.  We were paying higher rent and I was making less money.

The reason for this move…I got her knocked up and she wanted to be close to her parents. We lived in New York for about a year before we were in housing court 5 times and got evicted. All because my wife is a bitch and didn’t work for over a year.

After we got evicted we moved back to my hometown.

We lived there for 5 years and everything was fine except her bitchy mouth and fucked up lazy ways. Now

I’m in South Florida. We are living with her mother. She wanted to be close to her mom again. WTF????  She didn’t work for almost 3 months since we have lived here. We are going backwards again.

Today, I took off work to go to a doctor to get more anxiety meds. But the doctor turned me away because I didn’t have insurance. I got a job 4 days after I moved to Florida. My insurance wont’ kick in until the end of the month.

The only reason I’m on anti anxiety meds is because my wife is a bitch and I got to medicate in order to meditate.

Once I save enough money. I’m going to leave the bitch. I’m sick of going backwards, living house to house and getting nowhere in life.

I can’t get ahead in life.

To top it off…car insurance is higher and it’s almost 400 bucks to register a car if you are from out of state. WTF How am I suppose to get ahead in life with this bitch. She’s dragging me down.

I’d leave her but she would get me for child support and alimony/palimony and all-my-mony….

Is it cheaper to keep her?  Or should I leave this fucking bitch???

My Wife Won’t Clean – Sorry Buddy

My Wife Won’t Clean

Too Much Laundry

My wife is a lazy bitch, but you already knew that.

For over a week I have been suffering from sever back pain. I was changing a flat tire on my wife’s car because she’s too lazy to check the tire pressure and I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I don’t have insurance because my bitch wife made me quit my job because I was away from home too much.

Anyway, I thought my back was getting better until my wife want to do a months worth of dirty laundry. That’s right! I’m not kidding. She filled up 5 laundry backs each weighing over 75lbs each. (as much as her one ass cheek.)

I carried the laundry bags to the car and WHAMMO. My back was in pain again.

That’s not all. Not only was my lower back or lumbar hurting, but she dragged me to the laundromat where I sat in a car for 3 damn hours with a sore back. She really pissed me off.

My wife can't keep a house clean

My wife can't keep a house clean

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Child Support

It’s total bullshit. Why should a man have to pay child support? A woman has the right to choose weither or not she wants a child, shouldn’t a man have a right to choose if he wants to support that child.

Men have no rights when it comes to child custody and child support. There are websites out there for the worst ch

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ild support offenders but there are no websites out there for women who are the biggest bitches.

Still, a woman can choose whether or not she wants to keep a baby or terminate it. If women have the right to choose men should have the right to choose. It’s our wallets.

It would be nice if our government would wake up and either

  • Award more custody to Fathers
  • Give men more choices
  • Give men more health-care and assistance.

If you are a woman with a child you can afford not to work. Your insurance is paid, you get money and your food is paid.

When will men get their rights?

If your wife is a bitch and she’s ready to divorce your ass or if you are just pissed off at your wife because she is a bitch feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

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