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My Wife Won’t Clean – Sorry Buddy

My Wife Won’t Clean

Too Much Laundry

My wife is a lazy bitch, but you already knew that.

For over a week I have been suffering from sever back pain. I was changing a flat tire on my wife’s car because she’s too lazy to check the tire pressure and I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I don’t have insurance because my bitch wife made me quit my job because I was away from home too much.

Anyway, I thought my back was getting better until my wife want to do a months worth of dirty laundry. That’s right! I’m not kidding. She filled up 5 laundry backs each weighing over 75lbs each. (as much as her one ass cheek.)

I carried the laundry bags to the car and WHAMMO. My back was in pain again.

That’s not all. Not only was my lower back or lumbar hurting, but she dragged me to the laundromat where I sat in a car for 3 damn hours with a sore back. She really pissed me off.

My wife can't keep a house clean

My wife can't keep a house clean

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My wife is a FAT bitch

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I had to laugh my ass off tonight. I was happy that there were other blogs out there where guys were complaing about thier wives. I came across the blog I married a fat bitch.

I was reading this poor guys blog on how his wife can lose some weight. Here’s a quote from his blog.

I told my wife that it was time for her to take action, so one day she got up off her a..s and asked me what she should do to lose weight. I said


My wife just got out there and started doing stuff to get her back in shape. She took the simple way! Listen ladies, it doesn’t have to be an overly complicated.

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