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The Last Straw – My Wife Is A Bitch

Today, I left my wife. I told her off today. I told her that I can’t take it anymore. I’m sure that we’ll get back together but for now, I’m enjoying myself. I’m drinking beer and blogging.

She wanted to know why I wanted to leave her. I told her the truth. I told her that…

  • you are a bitch
  • You complain constantly
  • You don’t do a thing when you come home from work
  • You ALWAYS get in the way of my job or work
  • You hate it when I go out
  • You won’t pick me up if I’m too drunk to drive
  • You never have sex with me
  • You never go down on me.
  • You ALWAYS run your mouth
  • You NEVER shut up.
  • You expect too much from me
    Cold Beer
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  • YOU never shut up
  • you never shut up
  • you never shut the FUCK up.

Is that enough arguement. I’m sure that she’ll coax me to come back to her. I’m sure that she’ll give me a BJ. But that will be the last hummer I get until we break up again.

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My Wife Is Always Bitching

My Wife Is Always Bitching

Hey you have the same problem that I have. My wife is a bitch and she never shuts up.

So what do I do to shut her up. I don’t do a thing. I wait until she goes to sleep and then I have my night out.
I fell much better when I do the following things.

  • I’ll go to a local bar and hit on younger women.
  • I’ll go to a strip club and get some of that “knee-lovin.”
  • I’ll get a 12 pack of beer, get fucked up and flirt with hot women online.
  • I’ll get so wasted from drinking beer that I’ll piss all over her clothes.

These are just a few things I do to make me happy. Knowing deep down inside that you get your bitchy wife back is amazing.

You hold all that agression inside…let it go. Have some fun. Cheat on her, you’ll fee much better. Believe me. I know.

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