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I Want To Divorce This Bitch

My wife drives me crazy and I want to divorce this bitch. She spends all my money, doesn’t work and expects handouts all the time.

Does this sound like you? This sounded like like me for years. I wanted to get a divorce but not loose my shirt.  I wanted to get educated before I got a divorce. After doing some research in men’s forums and divorce chat rooms, I came across an ebook that helped me learn what I was in for. Click here to read about the book.

Here is what I learned from the book: “Insider Secrets and Strategies That Men Must Know to Win Their Divorce”:

  • How to find the right lawyer
  • How to safe a lot of money getting a divorce.
  • How to negotiate  equitable settlements as well as how to negotiate alimony and child support that won’t break you
  • The right divorce filing procedures are
  • How to communicate effectively with your children during a divorce
  • I learned how I can proceed with a divorce without the help of an attorney.
  • What to do to prepare for divorce court
  • What I needed to know before filing for divorce.
  • How to get back on your feet financially and mentally after a nasty divorce.
  • How to hide my assets so my bitch wife couldn’t get her greedy hands on my stuff.
  • How to prepare for the entire process.
  • When not to go to court or trial.
  • How to avoid getting tangled in a long, dragged-out legal mess
  • How to predict the long-term implications of alimony and child support
  • How to divide up property between you and your bitch wife.
  • and a whole lot of other great tips.