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Love Dosen’t Pay The Bills…Bitch!!

I can do no right. I work 3 jobs. I do have a 9-5, then I run my own business. I bust my ass for my kids. They mean the world to me.

But I hate when my ex wife tells me I’m not a good father because I’m too busy. On the weekends I do make time for my kids. Even during the week, I drive my oldest son to school everyday so I do get to talk to him everyday.

But after reading a lot of your comments, I don’t understand why women complain about us guys when we bust our asses providing for them.

I go above and beyond when I can.

I learned late in life that love does not pay the bills. Money does and it certainly does not grow on trees.

Trying To Save Your Relationship

Multiple times I have tried to salvage my relationship. Every time I would think that everything is okay, it would just get worse.

You know what I mean:

  • The nagging
  • Financial stress
  • Lack of sex
  • Arguing
  • Fighting over the roles in the household.
  • Picking Fights of the littlest things.

If you have been reading my blog you know that these are just a few things that happens when your wife is a real bit#%!

Well one of my readers who liked and also disliked my blog told me that he was able to get back together with his wife and make things work out.  I was taken back because if this guy’s wife is a real bitch, how and why would he get back with her? How could he make things work out or was he just hanging on.

In his email, he told me that he went to marriage counseling that cost him thousands of dollars. The counseling didn’t help at all. He wanted to go, but she didn’t. We know how that goes when a woman goes shopping.

So he old me about an online course that he took called Save My Marriage.

After going over the course, which is not information overload, he said that he started to implement what he learned.

To sum it up, you can learn the same too.

There is a helpful video on the page as well.

Check it out!!

My Wife Is Still a Bitch

Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while.  I’m up late working my butt off.

But I wanted to say that your comments are amazing. Most of the time when your wife is a bitch, you feel like the only one in the world with a wife that has a mouth that won’t shut the fuck up.  Then I would head to a bar drink a few beers and start to look at other broads.

But your comments make me feel that shit isn’t that bad. Some of you guys have it worse than me.  So this little tidbit is to thank you all for your comments.

I’m going to keep writing. Cuz shit happens and I need to let it all out here.

So for now, Thank you. I’m going to get drunk this weekend and just let it all out here.

This weekend is a toast to all the guys that have bitch wives.

Every Time We Move We Go Backwards

When my wife moved I to New York City in 2002. It was a total loss of money, time and life.  We were paying higher rent and I was making less money.

The reason for this move…I got her knocked up and she wanted to be close to her parents. We lived in New York for about a year before we were in housing court 5 times and got evicted. All because my wife is a bitch and didn’t work for over a year.

After we got evicted we moved back to my hometown.

We lived there for 5 years and everything was fine except her bitchy mouth and fucked up lazy ways. Now

I’m in South Florida. We are living with her mother. She wanted to be close to her mom again. WTF????  She didn’t work for almost 3 months since we have lived here. We are going backwards again.

Today, I took off work to go to a doctor to get more anxiety meds. But the doctor turned me away because I didn’t have insurance. I got a job 4 days after I moved to Florida. My insurance wont’ kick in until the end of the month.

The only reason I’m on anti anxiety meds is because my wife is a bitch and I got to medicate in order to meditate.

Once I save enough money. I’m going to leave the bitch. I’m sick of going backwards, living house to house and getting nowhere in life.

I can’t get ahead in life.

To top it off…car insurance is higher and it’s almost 400 bucks to register a car if you are from out of state. WTF How am I suppose to get ahead in life with this bitch. She’s dragging me down.

I’d leave her but she would get me for child support and alimony/palimony and all-my-mony….

Is it cheaper to keep her?  Or should I leave this fucking bitch???

Mother’s Day Nightmare

What fucking day. For the past two days my bitch wife has been on my ass. I asked her what she wanted for mother’s day and she said “nothing.”

So because she is a good mother to our son, I gave her cash because she’s picky and everything I buy for her…she returns.

We’ll about an hour ago we got into an arguement. She said giving her money is not a gift. I told her she could buy all she wants with the money. She threw the money in my face and left.

See… she hasn’t worked since we moved to Florida. I got a job in 4 days of being here. But because this bitch is so picky she still hasn’t worked she withdrew her 401k from her last job and bought a car she can’t afford to register. It’s costly to get plates on a car in Florida.

Anyway she said the money I gave her was for the plates and not a gift. That’s bullshit. I work 3 jobs to support this family. I don’t expect anything in return but peace and quiet and some respect.

Well now I have had it. My wife is truely a bitch.

When a broad says she doesen’t anything…don’t get her shit. Watch her complain when she really does’nt get anything. Insane.

So guess what honey? I’m taking the money you threw at me and I’m going to blow it at the casino. I might use it to move the hell out and get a broad that knows when to shut the fuck up.

Why should I get her anything? She’s not my mother anyway.