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Telling A Woman To Calm Down

I once told my bitch wife to calm down. Big mistake.

Especially if the bitch has had a few drinks…WOAH!!!!  But I couldn’t help it when she would blow the littlest things out of proportion and my best come back would be “Just calm the F###K down!!”

She needed money for my kids birthday party and was spazing about how she needed

Telling A woman to calm down

It sure is….

decorations, balloon and other stuff.  She should have been worried about how she was going to make ends meet and not sweat the little things.  I gave her money for my kids party, no big deal. But to blow this shit out of the water???!!!

So if you want to piss her off, just tell her to calm down. LOL  I should have just shut the hell up….. that way I wouldn’t have had to hear her bitch and complain.