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Mother’s Day Nightmare

What fucking day. For the past two days my bitch wife has been on my ass. I asked her what she wanted for mother’s day and she said “nothing.”

So because she is a good mother to our son, I gave her cash because she’s picky and everything I buy for her…she returns.

We’ll about an hour ago we got into an arguement. She said giving her money is not a gift. I told her she could buy all she wants with the money. She threw the money in my face and left.

See… she hasn’t worked since we moved to Florida. I got a job in 4 days of being here. But because this bitch is so picky she still hasn’t worked she withdrew her 401k from her last job and bought a car she can’t afford to register. It’s costly to get plates on a car in Florida.

Anyway she said the money I gave her was for the plates and not a gift. That’s bullshit. I work 3 jobs to support this family. I don’t expect anything in return but peace and quiet and some respect.

Well now I have had it. My wife is truely a bitch.

When a broad says she doesen’t anything…don’t get her shit. Watch her complain when she really does’nt get anything. Insane.

So guess what honey? I’m taking the money you threw at me and I’m going to blow it at the casino. I might use it to move the hell out and get a broad that knows when to shut the fuck up.

Why should I get her anything? She’s not my mother anyway.

The Last Straw – My Wife Is A Bitch

Today, I left my wife. I told her off today. I told her that I can’t take it anymore. I’m sure that we’ll get back together but for now, I’m enjoying myself. I’m drinking beer and blogging.

She wanted to know why I wanted to leave her. I told her the truth. I told her that…

  • you are a bitch
  • You complain constantly
  • You don’t do a thing when you come home from work
  • You ALWAYS get in the way of my job or work
  • You hate it when I go out
  • You won’t pick me up if I’m too drunk to drive
  • You never have sex with me
  • You never go down on me.
  • You ALWAYS run your mouth
  • You NEVER shut up.
  • You expect too much from me
    Cold Beer
    Image by silverfuture via Flickr
  • YOU never shut up
  • you never shut up
  • you never shut the FUCK up.

Is that enough arguement. I’m sure that she’ll coax me to come back to her. I’m sure that she’ll give me a BJ. But that will be the last hummer I get until we break up again.

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