My Wife Is Still a Bitch

Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while.  I’m up late working my butt off.

But I wanted to say that your comments are amazing. Most of the time when your wife is a bitch, you feel like the only one in the world with a wife that has a mouth that won’t shut the fuck up.  Then I would head to a bar drink a few beers and start to look at other broads.

But your comments make me feel that shit isn’t that bad. Some of you guys have it worse than me.  So this little tidbit is to thank you all for your comments.

I’m going to keep writing. Cuz shit happens and I need to let it all out here.

So for now, Thank you. I’m going to get drunk this weekend and just let it all out here.

This weekend is a toast to all the guys that have bitch wives.

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429 thoughts on “My Wife Is Still a Bitch

  1. Al

    Bman – Sounds like she’s only thinking of herself. She should get what you want and get the kids to the doctor.

    Dave – Ever go on that business trip? It’s always good to advance your knowledge and show the company you’re willing to be flexible.

  2. Dave

    Hey guys,

    Long time, no write. You know how it is- working my ass off and not getting much free time. Needless to say, my wife doesn’t have the same problem.

    Anyway, the wife’s hypocrisy has been frustrating over the past few weeks. Just a few examples:

    1) When I buy groceries like fruit, vegetables, meat etc, it’s a huge waste of money and I’m being reckless with the grocery budget
    When she blows $50-$75 on junk like chips, pop, cookies and the like it’s a good use of the grocery budget because she’s getting things she likes

    2) All of my charges to my credit need to be reviewed with a fine tooth comb and I need to be questioned on all expenses because she has to make sure I’m not spending recklessly

    No one is to look at what she puts on her credit card. That’s private and for her eyes only. To suggest otherwise shows that I don’t trust her and it’s not the way to run a marriage.

    3) When there’s things I’ve cooked that have stayed in the fridge for a week and haven’t been completely eaten, that’s proof that I’m a bad cook and that no one wants to eat what I make

    Buying take out 4 of out 5 nights has nothing to do with the fact that there’s cooked food going to waste.

    4) If I forget to put away a clean bowl, I’m a terrible housekeeper and it’s proof that I can’t be trusted to keep the house clean

    It’s perfectly OK to leave her pile of dirty clothes in our bedroom for days and days because she’s much too busy to worry about putting clothes in the hamper. Besides, what’s the big deal?

    I could go on, but you get the point. Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t just turned to drinking.

  3. Dave

    Hey Al,

    Haven’t gone on my trip yet. That’s in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m sure I’ll come back to a mess and general chaos when I get back because my wife will do fuck all around the house when I’m gone. I’m picturing pizza boxes, dirty dishes, and unfinished kids school work upon my return…

    My wife is still bitching that she needs a vacation for herself since I’m apparently taking one (I’ve given up trying to point out this trip is for business- I’m not spending my days going to tourist attractions and shopping malls). I might be able to see her point if she actually did something to earn it.

  4. Al

    Dave: Are you still running that load of crap on us? You’re telling your wife it’s all business but we all know it’s “VEGAS BABY!”. I mean for crying out loud, what the hell does she expect you to do? Not go on the trip and then piss off the boss? How in the hell can she honestly think this is a pleasure trip and not business? What the hell would she do on a business trip, treat it like Disneyland?

    Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!?!? My bitch does the same fucking thing. There’s good food in the fridge that I cooked (I’m pretty good in the kitchen) and she eats crap, chips, cookies, crackers, pieces of cheese, toast, etc. Everything but what was cooked. Are all bitches this fucking stupid and immature?
    I actually try to get the wife to look at the checkbook and the budget but she just shrugs it all off. She must think it grows on trees and does nothing to earn it or cut expenses.

    P.S. All of her bullshit is WHY I drink.

    Bman: Hope the kids got to the doctor. Hey, what the fuck do they think we’re working our asses off to pay for the health insurance for anyways? (Not to mention the out of pocket.) Maybe if she dropped a couple hundred pound by getting off her ass the kids would have a better role model. I’m glad my kids are older and not subject to that. They can’t stand the way she acts and avoid her during her moods and tantrums.

    The dishes piled up in the sink for 4-5 days, and the cat box hasn’t been scooped in more than 8. (It’s a really big one and we only have one cat left.) I’ve got nothing to take my lunch to work in and I’m to blame for her not getting another cat. We don’t have the records for the last one we have but he got his shots 16-19 years ago. Sorry I lost a receipt 15+ years ago.

  5. Dave

    So I’m in a bit of hot water with the wife.

    The other day my wife was going on about how tough her work is- how they’re “working her to the bone”, how she’s “under-appreciated and over-worked”, how she’s “underpaid”, and how she needs to find a less stressful job.

    She then asked me if I agreed with how hard her job is and if I could see why she finds working so tough.

    I then made a critical mistake. I gave my honest opinion.

    I told her that, no, I didn’t agree. All jobs have stressful and unpleasant parts. Other people have demanding jobs. It’s a matter of learning to cope and to be thankful when others don’t have a job that provides (in my opinion) good pay and full benefits like hers does.

    Needless to say, this wasn’t what she wanted to hear. So, apparently I’m a dickhead who “just doesn’t get it”.

    Sorry, but if my wife wants someone to enable her martyr complex, she can call her family or her friends at work. I simply refuse to play along.

  6. Dave

    Hey Bman,

    Good to be back on the site. Here’s hoping all’s well on your end (or at least OK relatively speaking).

  7. Bman

    Hi Dave!
    Good call with the wife. I say you did the right thing. Let her find her own buddies (parents) to play head games with. Maybe they will believe her.
    Things are the same here. I’ve begun to search for options, but, really, I’m playing the long game here.

  8. Dave

    Ah yes, the long game. I think we’re all familiar with that one.

    The wife has been on a “superiority rampage” the last few days. Basically, she goes around with the attitude that she’s smarter, more hard working, more ethical, and just plain better than everyone else on the planet.

    Now, I should point out that she has this opinion naturally, but at times she ramps up the attitude and comes “in your face” with it. Not sure why she’s doing this now, but I’ve given up trying to figure out these things. It’ll die down once she’s pounded home just how much better than me she is.

    Or I guess I could just start announcing wherever I go: “Behold, my wife- riding atop her holiest of high horses!!! Bow at the feet that you are not worthy to kiss!!!” I’m sure that would make her day and put in me in the place she thinks I should be in this family.

    Once again, how is it that I haven’t turned to drinking yet?!?!?!?

  9. Bman

    I actually was yelling something similar at my wife one time. She was leaving the house after having one of her moods, as you’ve mentioned. She was by her car in the driveway and I stood at the door shouting helpful snippits and questions. Don’t know if the neighbors heard, but it did embarrass her enough that she has not been as in-your-face with it. I hate when she does that.
    Mine has just fallen back on the pity-me crap. If there is a problem she says, in an exaggerated tone “well I MUST be wrong again!” Turns out she is wrong 90% of the time…..

  10. Dave

    Hey Bman,

    That’s not a bad approach. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. In terms of the “pity me” BS, at least you can give her credit for correctly identifying the problem (her).

    On another note, does anyone else’s wife force them to look for their wife’s personal belongings when you’ve had nothing to do with them going missing?

    Example: Yesterday I spent at least a half an hour looking for the wife’s slippers, glasses, hat, and watch. She’d lost these things around the house and for some reason it was MY responsibility to find them. Of course, she did nothing to help look for them. Just stayed on the couch and yelled at me from time to time wondering why I hadn’t found her things yet. Hello? It’s her stuff, why do I have to hunt things down when she can’t make the effort to keep track of it?

    Anyway, I’m on a plane tomorrow morning for the training thru work I talked about before. Lemme tell ya- four days of classroom training in a basement hotel meeting room never sounded so good.

  11. Bman

    Nice post, Dave!
    I gave up on helping her find her crap or cleaning up after her a looong time ago. I regret that my kids have largely picked up on her lazy habits, though. I’m not gonna be her bitch, though.
    Have a friggin awesome time in Vegas. Hope you can get away for some fun, whatever that may be.

  12. Al

    Bman – After 28 years of marriage I just tell my wife to get the “F” of her dead lazy ass and look for it. Hey, it’s a 2\2 apartment so it couldn’t have gone that far.

    Dave – Have a great trip and learn a lot. I know how important the job is to pay the bills. If you get some free time, down play it so you don’t get shit for it

    Right now we’re being evicted (made to much for subsidised housing) and going to move in with our son for 90 days. The wife is taking it well and the son wants us to come there. Blessing in disguise to save money for once.

  13. Bman

    Hey Al, Bummer about the eviction. Did you heal after the surgery?
    Maybe you can leave her at your boy’s home and get a nice apt for yourself.

  14. mj

    It good to be able to be back to the website, I have been busy and my wife never gets off the computer. It’s good to here that other wife’s are always losing things, but what pisses me off the most is that she gets pissed at the kids when they miss place something. It is almost daily that she can’t find something, and when I mentioned she can’t yell at the kids for losing things because she does it more than them, she just gets pissed and goes into the bedroom and cries as loud as she can, which I think she does to try to wake up the kids.

    Lately things have been hell around here, because my wife has had some medical test ran and we are waiting for the results, so she is nervous and I understand that, because I don’t want her to have cancer or anything else. I brought up last night that she can’t take it out on the kids and me, and her response was I am a bad mood so deal with it, so every morning as soon as I step into the shower she starts yell and screaming at the kids, I am to the point that I am thinking about filing for divorce, because the kids don’t need to put up with this, but if she does have something wrong, I think that would be a asshole thing to do.

  15. Bman

    Hey mj,
    Good to hear from you again.
    “goes into the bedroom and cries as loud as she can”
    Wha? That’s crazy, is she 5? Did you see the utube video where the guy filmed his wife throwing a fit because she wanted him to spend the weekend at the lake when he had chores to do? Crazy whemmen.

    “her response was I am a bad mood so deal with it,”
    I hope there is nothing wrong, at the same time she cannot be psycho-crazy bitch because she’s worried about something that may or may not exist/happen.
    We both know that she is not going to become more endearing as she ages. Good luck.

  16. Al

    What is with this psycho passive aggressive personality crap. They do no wrong, never give a strait answer, and make you out to blame for everything. I looked it up online and some Dr. Phil advice (that women just eat up) tells me this:

    Passive-aggressives often don’t own their feelings and can be pessimistic no matter how well things are going. The following are some passive-aggressive behavior warning signs.

    • A reluctance or failure to keep promises.
    • Sabotaging the efforts of others.
    • Blaming others for personal failures.
    • Exaggerating misfortunes.
    • Complaining of feeling unappreciated or misunderstood.
    • Persistent pessimism, even when things are going well.
    • Avoiding work and social obligations, often making excuses.

    Are you fucking kidding me, this is my wife to the tee. Maybe that guy does know a thing or two. We still have to move by the end of the month and she’s done very little to make this go well. Oh she does some packing but where is the planning or talking with our son? When is she going to work and help out? How about taking the adult high road instead of acting like the trash on Teen Mom that she watches all the time. For crying out loud, you’re 48 and should have better things to do!

  17. Dave

    Hey everyone,

    Hope everyone is hanging in there…the glow from my trip hasn’t completely faded yet; although coming home to an absolute mess and my wife’s shitty attitude towards me since I’ve been back is slowly eating away at the good vibes I had gained.

    The training was great- I’m hoping that it has given me the skills to have my contract extended next year or (best case scenario) help make the job permanent. Of course, my wife isn’t seeing it this way but, oh well.

    Just being out of an environment where I’m constantly criticized, dealing with her negativity and laziness, and having to burn both ends of the candle to keep things going was greatly needed.

    mj- It sounds like you and your wife are in a tough spot. I hope it all works out and there’s nothing wrong. Still, she has to respect how her actions are affecting the family. Chances are though, that isn’t going to happen.

    Al- Some of that stuff sounds a lot like my wife too. She pulls that passive-agressive shit from time to time. Most of the time though she seems more than happy to come at me and the kids full throttle with her bitchiness.

  18. Bman

    Happy Thanksgiving all.
    I cannot remember the last time wifey an I were intimate. and that’s ok.
    Not much has changed here.

  19. Dave

    Hey Bman,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    I’ve been trying to enjoy my day off and watch some football but between the kids and the wife’s usual “do fuck all” approach to doing anything around the house, I haven’t been too successful. How hard is it to just chip in and let me enjoy a rare day off? Heavens knows she has no problem throwing everything on me if she wants her “me time”.

    Yeah……. more of a rumor than an occurrence at our house as well. I used to be really pissed off about it, but not so much now.

    Other than that- same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

    Enjoy some turkey, guys! And hang in there.

  20. Dave

    Hey guys,

    You know, it must be nice to come home shortly after 5, announce “I’m tired” and then sit down on the couch and turn on the TV or get the laptop and surf the internet/FaceTime, thus leaving your spouse do to all the work with the kids and the house.

    This is the BS that the wife has pulled for years. She did it again a couple of days ago and it got me thinking how often she just puts in the absolute minimum effort on everything.


    Cooking: As you know, that’s heating up a frozen pizza or some other frozen food cube.

    Laundry: Throw a bunch of clothes in the washer and dryer. Leave it to me to take it out, fold it and put it away.

    Taking care of the kids: Sit them in front of the TV.

    Work: Although she’s classified as a full time, 40 hour per week employee; she’ll come in late or leave early so she actually averages 35-37 hours. 35 hours is the minimum you can work to retain your full time status.

    You’d think at some point pride would kick in. As in “gee, I’m ashamed of how little I do around here.” Not my wife. And little hope of that changing.

  21. Dave

    The wife has come up with a new sob story and has been sharing it with me over the last couple of weeks- “You don’t know how hard my work is.”

    I’ll spare you all the details, but basically- air traffic controllers, surgeons, and combat troops? They have NOTHING on the “physical, mental, and, emotional” demands of my wife’s office job.

    Oh, and by the way, the air traffic controllers, surgeons, and combat troops are actual jobs that she compared her job to.

    The lack of self-awareness and shame is mind blowing.

  22. Dave

    So, anyway, the wife has been treating me pretty piss poorly lately. It all started about a week ago when I forgot to completely finish changing the garbage can in our room. Not a huge deal, right? WRONG! I was yelled at to come upstairs where I then got a screaming lecture on how there’s no quality in my work, I can’t be trusted, I create more work for her etc. etc. etc.

    I’ve heard this BS before and I was just tired of it. So I turned around and walked away.

    Well! You don’t walk away from her Royal Highness when she is giving a Royal Proclamation. So she followed me downstairs, chewing my ass out the whole way. After about a minute I told her, “I don’t it’s a big deal, I’ll finish it. When you want to discuss this like an adult, come see me.” and I kept right on walking.

    The wife didn’t take to kindly to that. Since then, she’s been doing a bunch of passive-aggressive bullshit. She’ll come up behind me and whisper stuff like “Shit Head” or “Asshole”. She’ll also do stuff like:

    - “Accidentally” spill Coke on the counter and floor and not clean it up because she “didn’t see it”
    - Turn off the light in the room I’m in because she “forgot” I was in there
    - Have me repeat a question or statement 2 or 3 times because she “didn’t hear me”

    In addition to all this, she’s made some subtle hints that if I just apologize, all this stuff will end.

    Apparently, according to my wife, if you have a disagreement with someone, the best way to resolve it is to act like a fucking 12 year old.

    Anyway, there’s no way I’m apologizing. I’m simply refusing to play along. Gonna be a long week and start to 2014….

    Happy New Year guys.

  23. Bman

    Hell no! Don’t apologize! Good job on walking from the tirade as well. Mine has also followed me around trying to bitch my balls off.
    She was warming up today while she had me trapped in the car. I told her to let me off so I could walk home (5 miles). I’ve done it before, where I was driving & she tried to tear into me. I stopped the car, threw her the keys and took off. She found me in a few minutes, I drove the rest of the way home, and she’s has not been as abusive. It also works to go outside where the neighbors can hear. They don’t want to be perceived as crazy bitches to anyone else, so they won’t follow and yell and whine. I totally get the 12 year old comment. From my experience, most women seem to function at that emotional level. It’s because they have no ability to follow the logic through, so they rant and vent and hope we’ll back off and apologize.
    Can you come home late from work a couple of times, and “forget” to tell her? You know, have a beer with friends, actually work late, or have dinner before you get home, then let her know you already ate and she’s on her own. Hell, even make her some toast or a peanut butter cracker or something.
    Wow, she is a bitch, though. I can’t believe she’s cussing you out. I swear, you should get her to hit you with something, or scratch, so you can call the cops. She’s being really wicked.

  24. al

    I swear they’re all like this or a darned good portion if them from what I’m reading. I fucking can’t believe that so many others are going through the same emotional shit that I am. My bitch never apologizes and that’s resolution for me to never do it again. And no more I love you till I get one first.

  25. Dave

    I’m sure it’s the same with you guys, but the disconnect between my wife’s bitching and actions is absolutely stunning at times.

    Last week, she was bitching that we had no money and our finances were in the shitter (not completely true, but we could use better cash flow). BUT what happens for the next 2 days after she’s bitched me out? She turns down calls from her supervisor asking her if she wants to come in to do some overtime because they’re short staffed at her work. Her reasoning? “It’s not like we need the money.”

    She also has to take a day off without pay next week to go to some appointments. Again, her supervisor called her at our home and asked if she wanted to work some extra hours to make up the time. Again, she said no. Again, the reason was “we’re OK for money. We can do with a little less on my pay next week.”

    To end off the week, on Sunday she was bitching at me saying that if I really cared about our family I’d get a second job so that we’d be more comfortable financially.

    Just thinking about the contradictions makes my head hurt…..

    So, how is everyone else doing?

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