I hope 2013 is a good year for all you guys (or girls) that are married to your bitch wives.

I hope you find peace, happiness and hopefully another broad.

I would like to thank everyone for reading this blog. It has been my outlet for a while. Hopefully it is your outlet as well.

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14 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  1. Chief Slapaho

    It’s like I wrote this blog myself. Wait…maybe I’m so stressed out that I have fugal amnesia and actually did write this blog myself. That’s just silly…if I had fugal amnesia, I wouldn’t remember my own name, and my name is…..is…..F**k!

  2. Al

    Queen of rant – Nice to know that cunts are learning what shit they really are and why they’re left behind or cheated on.

  3. Jeffrey

    I ran into this website thinking I’m the only one married to a fucking bitch but looks like we all married the same bitch!

  4. Al

    It’s those fucking hormones. They flip flop from one mood to anoher without notice. They use this as an excuse to be the bitch of the world to try and get what they want.

  5. Matt

    Seriously my wife is impossible to please. I woke up early told her I would go to the store, get change, and do the laundry. She got super mad because “Im always leaving…” So I stayed watched some soccer played with our son. Then she gets mad that there is a ton of laundry to do and I’m just sitting on my ass and expect her to do it. Like a nice guy I apologize for being selfish go get the change, and when I come back she is mad because of the way I separated the clothes, then tells me to just walk them to the laundromat and leave them there for her to do because “you always do it wrong…” fuck my life. Beer and playstation for the rest of the day for me. I’m not listening to shit anymore.

  6. Dave

    This is now my favorite site on the internet. Like all of you, I have a hypocritical, hypercritical, lazy, self-centered bitch for a wife. There will be lots to vent about but I’m going to vent about 1 topic today to give you all a flavor of what it’s like to be me.

    Recently, I lost my job due to my company restructuring. That sucks enough. But then there’s the “support” my wife has been providing:

    1) Constantly reminding me that we moved to a new city for this job. Before we were leaving close to her Mommy and Daddy- which means she didn’t have to lift a finger for anything (that’s a rant for another day). Of course, because we moved because of me, I apparently don’t look too smart now in her eyes. Thanks- getting kicked in the balls with a job loss wasn’t enough.

    2) Since I’ve been out of work I’ve had some calls from friends and family asking how things are going. This has made my wife very unhappy. Why? In her words “What they really should be asking is how I’M doing”. Because, you know, the real victim here is my wife.

    3) Fortunately, my wife has a full time job (40 hours), so we still have money coming in. BUT, wouldn’t you think the normal reaction to a spouse’s job loss would be “Gee, there’s lots of overtime where I work. Maybe I could pick up a few shifts to make up some of the loss of income”? Nope- not with my wife. She saw a part time job posted with her company and wanted to apply for that. Why? Because working full time was too hard and she needed “more work-life balance”. WTF??!?!? First of all, do you need more time to sit on the coach, stare at the TV and complain to everyone in earshot how your life is sooooo veerrrry haarrd?!?!? ‘cus I guarantee you wouldn’t use the extra time to cook, clean, take care of the kids or do anything related to the house. I’ve been doing that for YEARS with little to no help from you. Second, when I pointed out that she is the only income right now and if she went part time she would lose her benefits (the only benefit plans for us and the kids) she went nuts on me saying that I don’t support her or care about her needs. No sweetie, I care about this family and making sure we can survive while I get another job. I care about that more than you having more time to sit on your ass and stuff your face in front of the TV.

    Honestly, this is just a taste of the stuff she deals out on a regular basis. I’m glad I found this place so I can vent a bit. To all the guys out there not yet married- if you have ANY sense that your future wife is going to be a bitch run far far far away. There’s no way that’s going to change once your married.

  7. Dave

    One last thing…

    My wife recently bought an iPad. Why? Because her sister had one and it’s shiny and new. Of course, with only one income coming in, I questioned the need for a new toy. Big mistake- after being yelled at for not wanting her to have nice things, she then said she could pay for it by working some extra shifts at work.

    That’s great Darling, but that works ONLY IF YOU WORK THE OVERTIME! There are already things she’s bought that she needs to pay for with some overtime- clothes, sushi dinners etc. Still waiting for her to work some OT to pay for that….

    Of course, when things get really tight with money (we still have some savings) I’ll be blamed for not having a job yet. Her spending beyond our means will have nothing to do with it…

    Selfish bitch.

  8. Tim

    My wife is a bitch. Enough said.
    The neighbor parked his boat 2′ onto our property. Woop de freakin’ do. Get over it you bitch.
    You havn’t cooked me but one meal in a weeks time. You took a week off from work. . .I work 60+hrs every week. Everyday for you sucks. When was the last time you sucked? Hmmm?
    You bitch and piss and moan. . .screw you.
    I’ve had enough. I’m leaving your bitch ass. I’d rather be a celibate monk than ever have to deal with another bitch like you. FUCK YOU!

  9. Steven

    To All You Guys Who Dream About Having A Beautful Swedish Babe

    As a normal, horny 30 year old guy all I Wanted was to hit the clubs in search of the most beautiful girls I could find. It was great fun until I met a Swedish Girl. She was a dream come true. Gorgeous . All of the sudden, I find myself throwing out all of my rules and guidelines concerning women and dating. I even started using the “L” word with her. Gave her gifts, flowers, etc.
    Fast forward 2 years, I end up marrying my Swedish Dream Girl .Little did I know… That would be my Ultimate Downfall. The Beautiful Swedish Dream soon became my worst nightmare. How could this fun loving, carefree party girl be anything less than a perfect loving wife.

    I learned really fast that when you start getting serious with Swedish or Scandinavian women in general, you’re dealing with a very different animal all together. Swedish women are not like American or Latin women. They are not interested in keeping their man happy. Their primary goal is the de- masculinization of men. You see, little did I know that in Sweden, men have been reduced to meek, pussified shadows of real men. They have literally been reduced to effeminate acting wimps. Most of the Swedish men that I’ve met almost appear gay. Nothing against gay men, but these men are married to women and have kids. Something has to be said about a grown man being required by his wife to SIT TO PEE ! Really!?! Yes. But NOT ME !!
    I refuse to be like the typical Swedish male. I was not raised that way.
    I refuse to to be neutered in order to be a nice compliant husband.

    The morale of this story is to never ever marry a Swedish woman. Never. Bone as many Hot Swedish GIRLS as possible. But never Marry one. You’ll be very sorry and unhappy.

  10. rndm dude

    I just found out that my wife actually makes double the money I do… I bring home after taxes a measly 1400, and she pulls in 3400, but I almost always pay the rent a little late; I fucked my own credit for things like internet, and phones. She just spends in on food, and hanging out with her friends, clothes etc. I had no idea. I’m struggling working my ass off, overtime, etc.

  11. Bman

    Hey mdm
    wow, that is not cool. What did she say when you brought up the idea of sharing costs based on percentage of income?

  12. rndm dude

    So we split costs now. But just today she asked me to go to the grocery store and buy some food. We are using her money for that now and it is carefully budgeted. I spent 5 dollars over what she said, you would think I put us in the poor house. She won’t stop bitching and saying I’m irresponsible and what not. Bitch please you make way more money than me, and we can spare the 5.

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