Hi, I’m Joe. (of course that is not my real name.)

My wife is a bitch. I stated this site to moan and groan about my wife. Right now. My wife and I are separated together, but she is still a bitch.

I want you guys to comment on my site and get out your frustration. You don’t have to keep it clean. Be as nasty as you want to be. I’m sick of keeping quiet. I’m using this site to let it all out.

Thanks guys

For the gals, if you want to comment go right ahead too. I don’t discriminate. It’s all good.

Love people that love to vent.

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61 thoughts on “About

  1. Molly

    Wow .. you’re all jerks. Gentlemen you have a choice, love her or leave her but don’t sit there crying about her being a bitch when you’re all being so disrespectful, angry and hateful … and don’t use your kids as the reason you stay. They can tell when you hate each other and all you’re doing is messing up their mental state with your nasty negativity.

    Get in or get out, but get off the fence.

  2. mj

    Molly maybe you can give us advise then, what happens when my wife can’t be trusted around the kids when another adult isn’t around, because she loses her temper if they misbehave. I finally got her to go to the doctor and she was on medicine and doing better, but then she decided to stop taking it. So then I got her to go to counseling and she quit after two times, because the counselor didn’t like her. I have tried to be there for her, even though she is very mean to me, even in front of the kids. I would divorce her is I knew I would get the kids, but only one person believes me, because when she is around other people she acts like a perfect wife and mother, but she slipped up once in front of a family friend, because she didn’t know they were here when she got home. So the friend has tried to help her, but now she says the friend doesn’t like her anymore. I forgot to mention that we also went to a marriage and a parenting class and when something was brought up that proved she was doing something wrong then she would yell at me all the way home, even though I didn’t bring it up. So Molly please give me some advice to help me with my situation.

  3. Al

    That’s right Molly, none of you are raging bitches who need to have the shit slapped out of them. You cunts think you can do no wrong but the reality is that you do MOST of the wrong. When it comes to the kids your vagina isn’t worth shit other than pushing them out. Just because you have one doesn’t mean you know any better. The immaturity of women in this country is appalling, and if you ever learned to act like women used to this country we would all be a whole hell of a lot better off. “Gimme, gimme, gimme, mine, mine, mine. Support me, pay for me, give me what I want. If you don’t I’ll take you for everything and you’ll be out on the street.” Well I got news for you, it doesn’t always turn out that way and I’m proof. We’re not jerks if that’s all you’ve got. We’ve had to put up with your cunt shit for years and we’re not taking it anymore. Instead of bashing tell us what the fuck you contribute and then give us your man’s side of the story. I’ll bet they differ and you’re full of shit.

  4. mj

    Al your right on, I am trying to figure out how my wife has had all week off and I am still the one who is suppose to be cleaning and cooking. She has been pissed at me all week for the house not being picked up, even though when I get home I have been working on a home improvement project. It would just be nice if she got off her fat ass and did some work around the house.

  5. Al

    mj – Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I work 5-7 days a week at two jobs and the lazy bitch won’t take care of a standard sized two bedroom apartment. She’ll ask me when was the last time I vacuumed the rug, and I ask her when was the last time she held a job. No, playing games on Facebook isn’t a recognized profession.

  6. Lester Burnham

    I met my wife randomly one day and genuinely liked her, but I wasn’t nuts about her. I was just coming off a tough relationship and wasn’t looking for another, but she wanted one and I just went along with it, leaving the possibility open.

    There were so many signs along the way: arguing for no reason, stress, the need for her to pick fights over the smallest thing, etc. After months of this, I was finally ready to walk away. Three weeks later, the dreaded call – “I’m pregnant.” Great, the one time I have unprotected sex in 10 years and FML!!

    Here we are with a wonderful 7 year-old, whom I adore. Yet, I have tried everything to make the relationship work. Thirty percent of the time, she’s a pretty nice person and I regret thinking about her negatively the other 70 percent of the time when she’s an unreasonable, fucking bitch from hell.

    I’m pretty stress free most of the time. I don’t worry about money, I don’t worry about big problems. What I worry about is what my wife will say about any given situation. Seventy percent of the time she acts like she’s smarter than everyone on the planet, (she’s a Ph.D and arrogant as anyone I’ve ever met). There are people who speak very poorly, using lots of bad language and shouting. Not my wife, she just treats everyone as if they’re morons. She does it in a way to make them feel incredibly small. I admit, there are times that I genuinely want to kill myself. I’m miserably unhappy in this marriage, but I’m not about to give up. My happiness is secondary to my child’s happiness, no matter what.

    I’m convinced he’s going to grow up hating her, realizing that she’s a bitch and that Dad is the peacemaker who doesn’t argue, he just shrugs if off.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish any ill will on her. Heck, if I had the money, I’d simply buy her a house next to mine so we can be close enough to raise our son together but so that we could live independently of each other. I am genuinely miserable in the same room with her the overwhelming majority of the time. She’s high stress, and of course money is always an issue for her. Yet, she is just not pragmatic. If we’re on a particularly tight fiscal month, she’ll still want to buy 3-4 bottles of wine, go out to dinner, etc.

    We were paying off an unexpected bill one year and despite my warning that we should not take a trip to see her family until we paid off our debt, she still insisted and we spent $5K because of incidentals and hotels. I didn’t rub it in, but she still complained about money constantly for the next several months.

    When she developed cancer, there was a small crack of humanity and she was a much more decent person for a few weeks. I went with her to every treatment, every small appointment and held her when she cried. Honestly, I cried too. I do care about her, she’s the mother of my child and I am not nearly as mean as her, I generally forgive things pretty easily. However, once the cancer was treated, it was back to being a constant negative, mean spirited speaker.

    Like I said, she’s not someone who speaks like she has no class. She just makes you feel small and stupid because she’s so smart. There are days when I wish the cancer had just not abated, but then I feel small and mean for thinking that way.

    I don’t want a divorce, I don’t wish her any ill will. I just wish she was a decent human being who wasn’t teaching our son that she’s a genuinely bitch. I am going to feel very sad the day he tells me that he thinks that of her, but I know it’s coming in just a few years.

    I am the living incarnation of Lester Burnham.

  7. al

    Sorry but this isn’t ‘wine like a pussy.com’. Gee, glad you love you love her but we don’t want to hear that. Try facebook.

  8. Dave

    Hey Lester,

    Wow. Sounds like you are living in a world of issues. I don’t think I have anything useful to add other than use this site. I’ve found it helpful for venting and to hear the war stories of others. It’s helped me realize I’m not the only one out there with a crazy, critical, lazy bitch. It’s kept me from going completely nuts.

    Awright, enough of the touchy feely stuff. Back to the swearing….

  9. MJ

    I haven’t had time to visit he site because of being busy and my wife is around too much, I miss have this time to vent and read that I am not the only one dealing with a difficult wife. Over the last 6 months everyone around my wife says she is very forgetful, even the young kids she works with, but she gets mad at me all the time because she doesn’t tell me something but she will argue that she does. I do forget a few things here and there, but my wife has even said I don’t forget much, but we will have a conversation and 10 minutes later she will tell me that she told me something and I will pretty much repeat the entire conversation and she still doesn’t believe that she didn’t tell, so then it turns into her bitching the whole even and her being short tempered with the kids. It is almost to the point that I will have to start recording all of our conversation or just not talk to her anymore.

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