Everybody Has Problems – This is just a great way to vent!

So as you know the wife is an ex and has been for a while. Getting a divorce and splitting was probably the best thing I ever did.  However, if you have kids, there will always be residual problems.

I work long hours and what little free time I have, i try to spend with my kids. But to the ex, that is not enough.  Either is the money.  She gets $1500 a month from me to support my kids. But I have to work long hours to support my kids.  I sure wish I had more free time, but this is why I left the bitch anyway.

You can’t make a nagging bitch happy. 

No matter what you do, you will never EVER make her happy.   You work long hours…she wants you to spend more time with the kids.  You take off work to spend time with the kids….she wonders why you don’t have more money for her.

Ladies…. the best way to keep your marriage sane and happy is to give each other space!!!   Everyone needs breathing room.

But even if she gave me all the breathing room in the world, I wouldn’t have stayed with her.  She is a pretty selfish woman.

“How’s your new bitch?”

Woah!!! Yes I have a girlfriend and she’s got nothing to do with my ex.  But it can be difficult balancing time with my kids, working and trying to spend time with my girlfriend.

The girl I’m dating now is very reserved, had no kids and gives me plenty of space and she


UPGRADE: “Can I get you a beer while I’m at the fridge?”

is hot!!! . (Basically I upgraded!!! ) – LOL  If you are going to leave your ex…make sure you upgrade for a better looking model that runs quiet and serves you well! 





Even Though I left the bitch… I still have to deal with her.

Even though I was able to go thru all the bullshit that comes with getting rid of your wife, I still have to deal with the bitch. We have kids.

I’m the patient and civil one, while she is the very impatient money-hungry bitch.

She knocked on the door the other night yelling outside. “I know you are in there!!! Open up this door!!”  I had no choice but to open up the door and let the bitch in so she would calm down.  I didn’t want my neighbors calling the cops like they have done in the past.

So what is it this bitch wants?  She wants money!!  That’s right.

I pay child support so my kids are taken care of.  However, I don’t give her a dime. She actually wanted to borrow money from me.  I SAID “NOOOOO BITCH!!!”

This is the woman that took away my sanity for a while, who would get violent with me and would spend my money like crazy…NOW SHE WANTS TO BORROW MONEY.

After I said no she wanted to argue: “Im the mother of your children. I take care of your babies!!!”   I told her that I took care of her long enough and that she has no right to ask me for money when I’m paying the piper already.

Now that I got rid of the bitch…I need to move away from this bitch.  She is too close and knows where I live.

If I bring a new girl over my house…all I need is for my ex bitch to come knocked on the door while I’m trying to “GET Some.”  That would be the end of my exciting night.

So ladies… please stop being a bitch. Nobody likes a bitch…nobody wants a bitch.  There should be BITCH ANONYMOUS CLASSES.

I have lots of love for women…but if you are a bitch you need to SHUT THE ______K UP!!!


Telling A Woman To Calm Down

I once told my bitch wife to calm down. Big mistake.

Especially if the bitch has had a few drinks…WOAH!!!!  But I couldn’t help it when she would blow the littlest things out of proportion and my best come back would be “Just calm the F###K down!!”

She needed money for my kids birthday party and was spazing about how she needed

Telling A woman to calm down

It sure is….

decorations, balloon and other stuff.  She should have been worried about how she was going to make ends meet and not sweat the little things.  I gave her money for my kids party, no big deal. But to blow this shit out of the water???!!!

So if you want to piss her off, just tell her to calm down. LOL  I should have just shut the hell up….. that way I wouldn’t have had to hear her bitch and complain.


Love Dosen’t Pay The Bills…Bitch!!

I can do no right. I work 3 jobs. I do have a 9-5, then I run my own business. I bust my ass for my kids. They mean the world to me.

But I hate when my ex wife tells me I’m not a good father because I’m too busy. On the weekends I do make time for my kids. Even during the week, I drive my oldest son to school everyday so I do get to talk to him everyday.

But after reading a lot of your comments, I don’t understand why women complain about us guys when we bust our asses providing for them.

I go above and beyond when I can.

I learned late in life that love does not pay the bills. Money does and it certainly does not grow on trees.